Goodwill Outlet Near Me

Goodwill outlet stores sell items by the pound.  Items are in large blue bins which shoppers dig through to find items.  The bins are changed throughout the day so there is fresh inventory to look through often.  These outlet stores sell items received as donations, so the majority of the items are used.


To see daily price drop bin stores instead of Goodwill bins, check out our page on Bin Stores.

These Goodwill bin stores can be great fun and there are usually deals to be found. However, the stores can sometimes feel dirty. Some shoppers wear gloves to avoid touching gross or broken things in the bins. People are extremely competitive at the Goodwill outlet stores, especially when the new bins come out.  

If you do not want to deal with the frenzy that happens when the new bins come out, do not worry.  It is very possible to find great deals.  The people that go through the bins initially often miss out on great items.  Take your time, go through everything, and there are awesome items to be found.

Different stores make up their own prices.  Some stores sell clothing at one price per pound while hard goods are another price per pound.  Other stores do not differentiate between the item but just charge a set price per pound, for example 25 lbs and under is one price, 25-50 lbs is a lower price, and anything over 50 lbs is an even lower price.