Why Are Bin Stores So Popular?

Bin stores have been opening far and wide for years now. Many large cities, and even some small ones, have multiple bin stores you can visit. So you probably realize they are everywhere, but why are bin stores so popular?

Bin stores are so popular because great products are more affordable, you never know what you’ll find, resellers find good items, plus it is just fun to dig through everything looking for treasures. Instead of the traditional liquidation stores with individually priced items, bin stores have the same daily price for everything. Each day the price drops lower, then the bins will be restocked with new merchandise and the price raised back up.

The daily price drop means that you can find some great items for low prices. If you see an item, want it, and find it to be worth the daily price, you can purchase it and life is good. However if you want the item but not for the daily price, you can return later in the week to see if your item hasn’t been purchased by someone else. This risk factor makes bin shopping really fun and exciting.

Since bin stores purchase pallets or truckloads of liquidated inventory, many times even they do not know what will be sold until they receive their load. Liquidation merchandise can be purchased manifested (you have an itemized list of what you will receive) or unmanifested (you do not know what you will receive). Manifested will cost more money, and the less you can spend the better, so many stores purchase unmanifested pallets and truckloads.

This is great for the buyer though since you will always see random items which is so much fun. Something to keep in mind is that you will have to dig through quite a bit of inexpensive items and things you are not interested in purchasing. Every bin store seems to end up with so many cell phone cases, out of season holiday items, past season items such as pool floats in winter, etc. Also stores in the same areas will often purchase their inventory from the same source. You will be able to tell when you notice similar items in multiple stores that you visit.

Anytime a store sells liquidated inventory at discounted prices, resellers will come around to search for a deal. Reselling items from bin stores is huge, so there will definitely be plenty of competition searching through the bins.

Bin stores are great fun and so popular. Definitely give them a shot and see what you can find. If you do not want to spend much money, the great thing is that you can go on the lowest dollar day and still purchase some useful and interesting items.

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