Bin Stores in Nevada

There are a few bin stores in Nevada. Amazon bin stores are very popular right now and new ones are constantly being opened. Existing stores sometimes go out of business.

This page will be updated as we research and add more bin store locations. Prices, days of operation, addresses, phone numbers and prices may vary from what is listed here but we will do our best to update.

Prime Liquidation Bin Store – Las Vegas

2336 E. Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV

The advertised prices are $20 Fridays, $15 Saturdays, $12 Sundays, $10 Mondays, $8 Tuesdays, $6 Wednesdays, and $5 Thursdays. The store has a TikTok.

Bulldog Liquidators – Las Vegas

3185 E. Tropicana Ave. Unit B, Las Vegas, NV (702)433-8200

The advertised prices from their Facebook seem to be $5 Thursdays, $3 Fridays, $1 Saturdays, $5 Sundays, $3 Mondays, and $1 Tuesdays. They make TikTok videos that show single priced items that they have for sale and bin store updates.

This store has actually been around quite awhile as a liquidation store and also has weekly online auctions. From viewing their social media, the store appears to have been cleaned up and have nicer inventory than in the past. This same company has other locations, in Indiana and multiple locations in California. None of those have a bin store that we know of currently.

Easy Flip LV – Las Vegas

1545 N. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV (725)225-5117

This store claims to be the first bin store in Las Vegas. There is no pricing schedule available. Upon looking at their Instagram and pictures from Yelp, they appear to have single, more expensive items for sale in addition to the bins.

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