Bin Stores In The News

It is always a good thing when articles or videos get posted about bin stores.  Spreading the word on these stores will help attract customers, raise awareness, and keep bin stores in business.  Articles will be added on as I find them, but please leave a comment if you know of any more to be included.

Amazing Products for Almost Nothing...” – Article from Kansas City Star (June 2024)

Bin Stores: The Final Frontier Of Junk Nobody Really Wants” – Article from Tedium (June 2024)

Amazon returns re-seller Where Ya Bin opening new store in Henrico” – Article (behind a paywall) from Richmond BizSense (June 2024)

Some people are turning to local bin stores…” – Article from Inside Edition (May 2024)

People line up at Houston area bin stores…” – Article from KHOU (May 2024)

New ‘Bin’ Stores in El Paso Offer Huge Savings” – Article from KLAQ (May 2024)

Looking to save money?  Try shopping at bin stores.” – Video and article from CBS News (May 2024)

New El Paso bin stores promise deals from major retailers such as Walmart, Target” – Article from El Paso Times (May 2024)

New Hornell ‘bin store’ J&K Plus Seven, features Walmart, Target, Amazon merchandise” – Article from The Evening News (April 2024)

The Bay Area store that sells returned Amazon packages – still in the box” – Article from SF Gate (April 2024)

St. Pete bargain store offers unique way to find deals” – Article from ABC Action News (March 2024)

New bargain-hunters ‘bin store’ BT Dealz makes Dallas debut in Lewisville” – Article from Culture Map Dallas (March 2024)

I visited a ‘bin store’ that sell Amazon returns for as little as 25 cents.  It made me rethink my shopping habits.” – Article from Business Insider (January 2024)

Bin stores are the latest fad in liquidation” – Article from King5 (January 2024)

The Emerging Consumer Trend This January Might Be ‘Bin’ Shopping” – Article from Forbes (January 2024)

I tried new Amazon bin store – everything is just $10, but price drops lower each day…” -Article from The U.S. Sun (January 2024)

“‘Bin stores’ across Las Vegas Valley see rise in thrifty shoppers” – Video and article from Fox 5 Vegas (December 2023)

Bin Stores: Hidden Shops Full of Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Wayfair Returns” – Article from Komando (December 2023)  The same bin store article was also posted on MSN.

Bin stores are the hot new way to score ridiculous deals” – Article from The Hustle (December 2023)

Inside the mad dash to buy your Walmart and Amazon returns” – Article from The Washington Post (December 2023)

Eau Claire’s New BinSconsin Store Offers Treasures by the Truckload” – Article from Volume One (December 2023)

Are ‘Bin Stores’ an Optimal Way To Liquidate Returns?” -Article from Retail Wire (December 2023)

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