Bin Stores in Montana

This page will be updated as we research and find bin store locations. If anything is out of date or needs to be added, please leave a comment.

Helena Marketplace

901 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT

The store’s Facebook post information on the bin pricing.  They also have individually priced non-bin items for sale.

2nd Chance Marketplace – Billings

1749 Grand Ave, Billings, MT (406)601-1041

The advertised prices are $10 Fridays, $8 Saturdays, $6 Sundays, $4 Mondays, and $2 Tuesdays. Updates are posted on their Facebook.

The hours are Fridays – Tuesdays from 10 am – 6 pm. The store is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

4 thoughts on “Bin Stores in Montana”

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    1. Hi Wendy, I started researching and it looks like there is a bin store in Billings called 2nd Chance Marketplace at 1749 Grand Ave. If you are able to check it out let us know how it is!

  2. It shows there is one in Helena mt is that true that there is a bin shop, please let me know. I am intrested.

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